about ruth...

A barrister of 20 years standing, Ruth was in private practice from 1995 to 2004 in chambers based in Manchester and Sydney, Australia.

Since 2004, Ruth has trained hundreds of prospective solicitors and barristers in her role as a principal lecturer at Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University.


general services...

Advice on your legal position; on strategy; assistance with court procedure; writing letters and other formal documents; negotiating settlements; dispute resolution.

for individuals...

Ruth will tackle areas including family, neighbour disputes, landlord and tenant issues, local council / police, negligence and contractual matters.

for businesses...

For local businesses (for example): Legal health checks, employment matters, commercial disputes, debt.


For all legal services for individuals and businesses, if Ruth cannot assist, she will advise you of what to do.


clients say...

"As the owner of a small independent retail business, Ruth gave me the confidence to progress a dispute that I had with a client. She advised me of my rights and explained the small claims court procedure & how to access it. With her assistance, I felt empowered to deal with a tricky legal situation myself.

Throughout the process, Ruth has been very approachable and has put me at my ease, by meeting with me in my shop and explaining things clearly and concisely. I would not hesitate in recommending Ruth and her services as I feel she is a very valuable asset to small businesses and individuals as she helped to manage the fear of an impending legal matter." - Matt Johnson, David Gavin Design Ltd.

"I have been working with Ruth for some time now when I have the need for a sounding board for any potential legal issues. Ruth is an important voice of reason when I need advice and guidance on how to approach a particular situation and I have been really happy with the outcome of Ruth's advice. Ruth always gives her objective view from all sides of an issue thus helping me make an informed decision and developing a clear strategy to resolve matters in the most positive way possible.

I would highly recommend Ruth to any business owner needing legal advice and guidance" - Nicola Leyland, The Stove Room

contacting me...

What to do to consult or instruct me


Please telephone me on 0161 283 2077, leaving a brief message and contact number or email me on ruth@ruth-sutton.co.uk so that I can call you back. Please do not leave any in depth details of your enquiry, just the broad nature of your query.

Direct Access Clients:

Telephone me on 0161 283 2077 leaving a brief message and telephone number. I will return your call to see if I can assist you with your legal problem, or whether I can recommend someone more suitable. I can make arrangements to meet you and advise you further if necessary, and discuss my fees with you. Please note, though, that I have a full time job which I will have to work around.

Privacy Policy:

As a barrister and legal adviser, I hold and process clients' contact details, personal and sensitive data for the purposes of giving oral and written legal advice and assistance with the conduct of legal disputes and court cases. I normally do not accept hard copies of papers, but when I do they are kept secure in my office at my place of residence. Once my activity in a legal matter is concluded, all paperwork is shredded. I usually process information electronically. Documents are encrypted and my laptop is password and firewall protected, emails are deleted once my involvement in a matter ceases. I am ICO registered.